Ambition Threads Affiliate Program

Ambition is a motivating-lifestyle brand empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves through hard work, faith and persistence. The brand has one mission : to inspire the world to be ambitious in everyday life and prove that anything is possible. No matter how big or small your dreams may be, with a positive mindset, relentless work ethic  and unwavering faith, you can achieve anything. 
We are more than just clothing, we are a movement. Spanning an influence of fitness, action sports, traditional sports, entrepreneurship/business, and more, Ambition is an all encompassing brand powered by, and for, those that live the lifestyle of being AMBITIOUS! 
What is Ambition Elite?
The Elite is a group of motivated individuals striving for progression, consistently breaking the mold, and empowering those around them. As part of the Ambition team, you are not just an “ambassador” for a brand, but a member of a  FAMILY that is built on those who embody Ambition, both as a brand and perspective within everyday life. 
Those who exhibit passion, tenacity, and the mindset to always become better versions of themselves in every pursuit, are the foundation of the Ambition brand!

Elite Mission :

Create/build brand awareness through each Elite individual while showcasing a lifestyle  that embodies the qualities that are required to be truly ambitious. 

Empowered people build an empowered brand.

Elite Benefits : 

Pre-Launch Access - Elite members will receive exclusive access to all product launches prior to the date of release. 

Discounts - Members will be given two discount codes. 

Discount Code #1 - This discount code will be for you to advertise to your audience, friends and family. (ie. Name15) Each time your code is used, points will be accumulated for receiving FREE products. 

Discount Code #2 - This code is for personal use only and can be used 3 times per month. (ie. NameELITE)

Events & Promos - You will receive invites to attend sanctioned events, pop-up shops, demos, and other promotional opportunities. You will also be given opportunities to work behind the scenes with the team at all events! 

Monthly Meetups - Every month, we will host monthly meet-ups as a fam just to network & get to know each other. We will provide dates, times, and locations 2 weeks prior to the meet up! 

Content Production - You will have access to our marketing team for advice, graphics, guidance and any other assistance. We are here for YOU. You will also have the opportunity to book photoshoots with our team photographer! 

Elite Spotlight - Not only will you be highlighted on our social media platforms & website, you will be featured for a segment on the Be Ambitious Podcast. 


  • Social media presence with purpose - It’s not about the follower count as much as it’s about the lifestyle you live! 
  • Positive mindset and genuine desire to push positivity. We want you bringing out the best in others & yourself!
  • You are Ambition. From your clothes/accessories, to the actions you perform. 
  • Interpersonal skills. We want you to be able to be personable not only on social media, but at events and other gatherings. 
  • Be creative. Be a doer!  We want you to help us create unique content using your skill sets. 

“As Ambition Elite, our mission is to inspire the world to BE AMBITIOUS! You are not just an ambassador. You are not a number. You are a key component to what drives Ambition. You are AMBITION. As we grow, you grow. I am truly excited to have you on the team as we journey to inspire those around us, progress each day and create one of the largest, most impactful brands in history. Now...let’s take over the world TOGETHER!” 


  • Tylor Gentry | CEO/Founder